Did you also know?

  • An average move takes 200 hours.
  • Moving is one of the five most stressful events in one’s life.
  • Companies can lose up to 16 days of productivity during an employee's first six months
    as the employee uses employer time to deal with move-related issues.

Who we help

  • Busy professionals and families who are unable to find the time
    to declutter and prepare for a move
  • Retirees downsizing into smaller homes and over 55 communities
  • Elders and their families, helping plan and move with comfort, ease
    and familiarity to assisted facilities

So, let us do the work

  • Create a plan of action & timeline for move
  • Move preparation:
    > Edit possessions
    > Sort and categorize items
    > Coordinate the sale of unwanted items
    > Arrange for donation pick-up and trash removal
  • Stage home for sale
  • Recommend and select movers
  • Supervise pack & move
  • Supervise unpack, furniture placement and assembly
    in new home
  • Set Up:
    > Kitchen
    > Bathrooms
    > Bedrooms
    > Closets
  • Final Touches:
    > Shop for household items
    > Select wall color(s) to coordinate with your furnishings
    > Trash removal
    > Handyman services
    > Hang art and window treatments